Content is the King

In the early part of this decade it was claimed “Content is King”. This was actually a pre-emptive statement and unwittingly became the founding principle of what now seems so heavily to determine the success or failure of any online venture.

What has changed today is that it is not the volume of content that necessarily guarantees success, but the type, source and quality of the content that determines success.

Many print publishers have masses of archived content that goes unused online for the fear of canibalising back issue revenue. Often they also find that it’s easier to just copy and paste any content from their archives into a website rather than working to understand the dynamics of their online audience and developing a content strategy around the community of visitors that live in and around their website.

The cost of producing content specifically for the web is often perceived as being expensive with little of no return on investment. However there are many ways creating low cost content that engages an audience and deploying tactics that see the content working in both online and offline mediums by driving visitors between the two.

There are also some misconceptions that articles themselves are actually worth something in the market as individual products for sale under licence. This in fact has been one of the diminishing realities of the new “Content is King” era. Content is only worth something if an audience and revenue is able to be created around it.

Blaze Online have a lot of experience in content strategy, content creation and content tactics. We can help you develop your content model so that your are earning revenue and building an audience in an effective and efficient way.

Content considerations

There are many ways to improve your content and prepare it for online:- Re-write existing articles into 200 word summaries

  • Support all of your articles with 5 – 10 dot point introduction or snapshot
  • Create online only articles that refer back to your print publication
  • Incorporate online article production and creation back into your print process
  • Get your editorial team to create regular online features
  • Snapshot your next issue online
  • Create lots of How to….When to….Tips and tricks
  • Create a blog and be casual and relaxed – always have a style worth reading
  • Encourage user comments within the blog
  • Feature blog comments back into the print content
  • Create podcasts and short sharp video segments
  • Create a video series that highlights solutions to common problems

and many more…………

Blaze Online can help you achieve your content goals and build an audience who love your content, live by your content and tell the world about your content. We can also work your content into search engines, social bookmarking sites and other peoples blogs. Just a quick call on 1300 155 430 and let’s have a quick discussion on our time.

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