2 New Features To Help Check If Your Connected Products and Orders Are Syncing in Vend and WooCommerce

By Campbell Angus

Here, at linksync, it’s our goal to help you save time and money by synchronizing the data of your applications. One way we do this is by updating one of our most popular linksync integrations keeping convenience and usability in mind.

Over the last week, our development team released a few new improvements—we have added the following new plugin menus to our linksync Vend and WooCommerce Integration:

  • Connected Products
  • Connected Orders

linksync vend woocommerce integration connected products and orders

These new plugin menus are designed to give you a quick visual list of the products and orders that are synced using the linksync Vend and WooComerce plugin.

You can find the list of names, SKUs, product types, and the status of your connected products. Aside from these lists, you can also have a quick access to your Vend and WooCommerce account. So, whenever you have to make any updates or changes in your products and orders, you can just click on the link below your product name, and it will automatically direct you to your Vend POS product edit page or WooCommerce product edit page.

connected products on woocommerce and vend

Your Connected Orders menu, on the other hand, will show you a list of the order number and email address of your customer. It is the same with the Connected Products menu where you can also click the link to easily access your WooCommerce order edit page and Vend order edit page, should you need to check the order details or make any updates in the order.

linksync vend woocommerce connected orders

Why is this important to you?

Having a list of the connected products and orders in place is important for your business because it keeps you abreast of what’s going on with your data integration. With these new features, you can now easily monitor and track which of your products and orders are synced or which are not.

You’ll also find it much easier to edit products and orders with the edit links. With just a click of a button, you will be directed to the products or orders page that you want to update.

In case your products or orders still don’t show on the list, you can check the product and order status in your syncing settings to make sure that you have configured it correctly.

Using the Connected Products Menu

To demonstrate this new feature, we have prepared a video on how to check if your products are syncing with Vend & WooCommerce. This video will show you how to install the plugin, connect the products to Vend and WooCommerce, make some product updates, and check if the products are syncing with the help of the Connected Products menu.

Note: If you have already installed the linksync plugin to your WooCommerce site, you can skip the first part of the video and go directly to 2:55.

Happy syncing!

Video Transcript:
Hi, this is Jeeve! On this video I will be demonstrating to you on how to install the linksync plug-in and connect your woocommerce products to your vendor account. So to start let’s go to the “Plugins” section and let’s click “Upload Plugin”. From there, just drag and drop the plug to the ‘Choose File” area and click “Install Now” and right after that is click ‘Activate Plugin”. Now, on your linksync dashboard or portal, copy the API key that you have generated by clicking “Copy”. So the API key has been copied to the clipboard and place it here and click “Next Step”. The next thing is to configure the product syncing settings and select two-way. So let’s select them all including the tags but it’s not yet important at this moment so let’s sync the images. Click “Create New” and “Delete”. Okay? I think everything is good and set, so let’s click “Next Step” and for the order sinking type, let’s select Vend to WooCommerce and let’s select “Done”. And now it’s done, so let’s go to the product syncing settings and try to sync your products, this one, to your Vend account. So as of now, your Vend account currently do not have any products just yet so let’s wait until the product syncing settings is fully loaded and rendered. Now since it is now being loaded, I think I just have to click “Save” here and sync “Product to Vend”. So let us wait until the process of syncing from WooCommerce to Vend is completed. Exported 23 of 23. Okay. Since the export has been completed so let’s check here in Vend and we have here a total of 34 products because the counting in the Vend is different with how to count in the products in Woocomers. Anyway, most of our products are now synced from Woocommerce to Vend. Now let’s go to the plug-in, the latest version of our plug-in, that is the “Connected Products” under the linksync Vend and find “Connected Products”. Now under this menu or under this new tool that is incorporated with a plugin, you can edit a certain product here in this area. Certain product either in Woo and Vend. So to demonstrate let me first edit ACME product and click “Edit in Vend” so suppose that I will just try to add premium and v02. So “ACME Product Premium v02” is the new name of this product and for the price, I will be editing it to 499.97 and let’s “Save” the product. So that we could see here in our WooCommerce that the changes has taken effect, so let’s try to take a look in our WooCommerce Product so let’s reload this one. Alright. As you can see here, ACME product has been updated now. The price has been changed from $15 to four hundred ninety nine and ninety seven so let’s go back here and reload this one so let’s wait until the Connected Products page is refreshed and fully rendered. As you can see here, the new changes has taken effect. The thing that we’ve added edited here in Vend, ACME product premium v02. So let’s try to edit this one in WooCommerce and try to check if everything has been updated. So taking a look, the regular price is 499.97 and I’d like to change this one into just a few hundred bucks. Let me edit it into one four nine and ninety seven. Alright and let’s also change the version to “regular” so that we could see if our product has become updated. So let’s click publish. Alright! Now that we’ve edited the product here in WooCommerce, let’s try to view the product in the front end. So the price now is one hundred forty nine and ninety seven and there is a discount. Let’s try to go back. I’ll just have to remove this one and click “Publish”. Alright, let’s try to view in the front end. And this is. The product is now updated into price 149.97. So if we are going to check the Vend product list by reloading this one, we can now see the product here in Vend has also been updated to 149.97 and the regular name as well has been updated. So that’s it! That’s all about Connected Products where as a summary you can update your products on both ends — on Vend and in WooCommerce — and you could instantly see the changes that you made on either side take effect after a few moments. So that’s it! This is Jeeve. Thank you for watching! 🙂

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