Blaze Insights is a free tool for analysing your Google Analytics ecommerce data in powerful new ways to visually and financially evaluate the biggest weaknesses of your purchase funnel for desktop and mobile user’s shopping experience.

Use the data to target and correct UX issues, boost conversion rates and drive increased sales revenue.

Blaze Insights ​Funnel

This is the heart of Blaze Insights – we analyse each step of the sales funnel relative to the previous step, identifying the biggest issues for users, and estimating the financial impact of that issue.

The Blaze Insights Funnel is more powerful than the ‘traditional’ Shopping Behaviour Funnel, which looks at a user journey as a whole, rather than being relative to the previous step. In doing so, it highlights significant issues that might ordinarily be overlooked when using the Shopping Behaviour Funnel.

The report answers the question of where you’ll get your biggest boost in conversion and revenue if you focus your efforts on resolving the related UX issues, and the potential financial gain in correcting the weakness.

Traditional Funnel

The Traditional Funnel or Shopping Behavior Analysis report lets you see the number of sessions that included each stage of your purchase funnel and how many sessions continued from one step to the next.

This report is helpful in comparing your sales behaviour with industry benchmarks and tracking performance over time.

Product Views

Every online store sale begins with product discovery – getting a user to a product as quickly as possible – the higher your product views, the higher the likelihood a user will add it to cart and make a purchase.

The Blaze Product Views report enables you to visualise your product views over time by mobile and desktop and is helpful in analysing users behaviour over time, and also identifying any significant change in that behavior.

Add to Cart

The next step in the sales funnel after a user views a product is having them add it to your shopping cart.

The Add to Cart report lets you evaluate the performance of your product page and its impact on a user adding it to cart. A low Add to Cart rate, or a significantly different rate when comparing desktop with mobile can signal UX issues. For example, if your Add to Cart on desktop is higher than mobile, it suggests you have mobile specific UX issues that are preventing or discouraging users from adding the product to cart and moving to the checkout stage.


A user has your product in their cart – how easy is it for them to get to your checkout so that they can complete the purchase? Put another way, what issues and hurdles do they need to navigate on your online store that might cause them to give up and abandon the purchase?

The Blaze Insights Checkout report visualizes the percentage of users that view the checkout, enabling you to quickly identify trends and identify any differences between mobile and desktop.


This is the end of the journey for your user, and is often the step in the journey with the highest rate of abandonment. It’s the ratio of transactions to sessions as a percentage – how many sessions ended with a purchase. Thoughts of trust, ease of use, cost of freight, return policy and other elements of uncertainty are, consciously and subconsciously, coming between the user and your ‘thank you’ page.

The Conversion report lets you visually evaluate the points at which users complete or abandon your checkout process for mobile and desktop users. It used to be that a lower conversion rate for mobile users was ‘normal’ but with ongoing research and improvements to UX that is no longer the case.

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