Specialist WordPress and
WooCommerce developers

We take successful online stores to the next level

We’re WordPress developers based in Melbourne with deep expertise in designing, developing and maintaining WooCommerce stores.

How deep is that expertise?

WooCommerce is all we do.

Looking for a specialist WooCommerce team?

Are you worried about putting all the responsibility for keeping your store running on the shoulders of a single developer with only general WooCommerce experience?

Our team of designers and frontend and backend developers have a track record of taking WooCommerce stores to the next level of revenue and reliability.

Migrating your online store to WooCommerce?

Have you outgrown Shopify? Are you tired of the high development costs of Magento?

Your sales won’t skip a beat when we seamlessly migrate your store to WooCommerce from another ecommerce platform.

WordPress & WooCommerce Maintenance

Once you’ve experienced our zero downtime service, you’re not likely to want to go back to playing Russian roulette with WordPress’ automatic update feature

We take care of everything necessary to make sure you never lose a sale due to outdated versions or to software conflicts.

WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting

Do the pages of you website and online store load instantly?

It’s an undisputed fact – faster page loads = more conversions = more income.

Our Blazing WordPress hosting, built on Google Cloud, is like no other!

Blaze Online listens to what we want and takes the time to understand the business issue we’re trying to solve so they can give us the best practice way to achieve it.

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We can do it all.
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