Vend POS and Drupal Commerce Integration

Integrate Drupal Commerce with Vend POS Software


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If you already use the power of Vend POS (Point of Sale) Software and have a Drupal Commerce online store, then reviewing our solution for integrating Drupal Commerce and Vend POS is a must. Having already spent hours or days (and sometimes weeks) updating your product lists in your Vend POS Software it makes sense to be able to automatically send the product pricing and availability to your Drupal Commerce online store. With linksync Drupal Commerce and Vend POS integration you only need enter your products into Vend POS and the products will be available to sell via your online store. Vend POS Software and Drupal Commerce key Integration features:

  • Export existing Vend POS stock/inventory items to your Drupal Commerce ecommerce online store including:
    • Product code/SKU
    • Product title
    • Product Description
    • Pricing
    • Categories and Sub Categories
    • Quantity available
  • Update changes in stock to your website automatically, or manually with only a few clicks
  • Drupal Commerce orders are automatically imported into Vend POS to create sales orders
  • Be up and running in minutes

Contact linksync today to discuss how we can get you up and running with Drupal Commerce that fully integrates with your Vend POS Software.


This integration is not available yet. Sign-up to be notified when it becomes available.


Once you sign-up for linksync for Vend and Drupal Commerce, and install the linksync Drupal Commerce module, we start keeping the two systems in sync. Vend is the ‘master’ when it comes to inventory, so changes made in Vend are synced to your Drupal Commerce store.

The linksync Drupal Commerce module gives you the option to select what stock data you want updated on your store when syncing with Vend. Options include:

  • Price – update price from Vend, or maintain the price in Drupal Commerce
  • Inventory – update stock levels from Vend, or maintain stock levels in Drupal Commerce
  • Title – update the product title from Vend, or maintain the product title in Drupal Commerce
  • Description – update the product description from Vend, or maintain the product title in Drupal Commerce
  • Title – update the product title from Vend, or maintain the product title in Drupal Commerce
  • Publish new product automatically – this option lets you decide if you want a new product created by linksync to automatically be published when a sync takes place.

linksync will update existing product using the SKU. If no product exists on the Drupal Commerce site for an SKU, a new product will be created automatically.

linksync uses the SKU as the common field between the two systems. As long as the SKU in Vend matches the SKU in Drupal Commerce the stock will remain in sync.

Yes, if you are already using Vend and have a Drupal Commerce online store, and your SKUs are the same in both systems, then linksync will keep the systems in sync.

Yes, linksync can be used to populate product on a new Drupal Commerce site. Within minutes you can have all Vend product imported into your new Drupal Commerce store, and keep the stock in sync moving forward.

Yes, if you have product variants configured in your Drupal Commerce store then the Vend and Drupal Commerce linksync can keep them synced with Vend based on the SKU of the variant.

The linksync Drupal Commerce module lets you choose if you want order information synced to Vend or not, and if you do, you select the order statuses you want linksync to send the order detail to Vend. For example, you may want to review orders first before they are synced to Vend, or you can have then sync to Vend as soon as the order is raised on your Drupal Commerce site. Order data synced to Vend includes:

  • Customer information, such as name, email address and delivery address information
  • Sales information, including product sold, qty, sell price, order discounts, and shipping charges
  • Order comments
  • Payment information

The frequency of updates depends on the linksync subscription you choose. The options are:

  • Every five minutes
  • Every hour
  • Once a day

You choose the option that best suits your business. More information about our subscriptions can be found here.

Yes, absolutely. We offer a 14 day free trail for you to test linksync first before you sign up for a subscription. No fees. No commitment. No credit card. Click here to get start with a FREE linksync trial now.

Drupal Commerce

About Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce framework built from the ground up on Drupal 7. It empowers you to build any type of eCommerce website, making as few hard-coded assumptions as possible about your business needs.

Core Features

  • Create product types with custom attributes
  • Dynamic product displays
  • Order management, line item
  • Payment method API, allowing many different payment gateways
  • Tax calculation / VAT / GST support
  • Discount pricing rules
  • Deep integration with systems like Drupal 7’s Fields, Views, Rules and Entity API.
  • Additional functionality is provided through contributed modules, such as Shipping, Stock, Coupons, File downloads, PayPal, and many more…


About Vend POS

Retailers have a million things to worry about without adding their Point of Sale to the list. Vend POS has taken all that hassle of POS software and moved it to the cloud so you can do what you do best: run your business.

From the cloud you can access all your information instantly, anywhere. And we know that it’s important to keep the store running even when the internet isn’t – which is why Vend also works offline, syncing your sales online once you’re reconnected. Easy! Why 12,000+ stores worldwide love Vend

  • Works on any device – Vend works on Mac, PC, iPad & Android. All you need to get started is a web browser.
  • Sell online and offline – Never miss a sale. Vend continues to work even if your internet connection doesn’t.
  • Inventory – Powerful inventory management that simplifies purchase orders, transfers and stock-takes.
  • Stress free – Vend’s friendly online support is free and there to help whenever you need it.
  • iPad POS – Completely portablePoint of Sale with wireless receipt printing, cash drawer and barcode scanning.
  • Your data is safe – Vend use the same technology your bank does to keep your data updated and secure.
  • Customers – Keep track of your customers with flexible organising and reporting tools.
  • Always at its best – Enjoy regular new features without the hassle and fees of maintenance and upgrades.
  • Loyalty – Keep your customers coming back with customizable loyalty rewards.
  • Keep your hardware – Vend POS often works with the barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers you own.

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