Strategy for Online Publishers

Small and medium sized print publishers often have great brands, passionate active readership, lots of archived content form a wide range of print publications, a team of editors, journalists and photographers and a process that binds it all together.

Traditional thinking is to take the existing content and publish parts of it online whilst not giving too much away in the hope that subscriptions and revenue head upward.

This is not always the most appropriate way to present your brands to an online audience. Blaze Online can work with you to determine what is the best combination of existing content and what are the ways new content can be created. We look at current and future capabilities that will add value to your business and help you conduct a competitor analysis looking at what opportunities you and your audience are missing out on. This mostly includes looking for content via your existing teams and capabilities that will completely engage your online audience and bring them closer to your brand, advertisers and your subscriptions department.

We also work with many ‘online only’ publishers, many who are in start up mode, who are looking at business models, business cases, processes capabilities, content, transactions and advertising models.

These include business networks, online retailers, bloggers, entertainers, individuals, associations and social networks.

Research based goals, realistic planning

It is important for any strategy that the planning includes gathering, interpreting and reacting to research. Tying your strategy into real market data can sometimes be the difference between consistent growth and stop start growth.

There are a wide array of research sources that can be used to form the foundation for many of the decisions. Some include current customer data, industry data, behavioural data, market sentiment expressed through major research findings and often research conducted by companies providing many of the tools and capabilities you will be required to implement.

We take a very realistic approach to your future planning and strategy. We don’t want to spend months developing a strategy. We want to get through the data, analyse the market, listen to your needs and come up with a well-documented way forward as soon as is feasible.

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