Mobile UX Audits: The GUARANTEED way to
increase your mobile conversion rate

Our experts will find 20-40 instantly actionable priority areas in your website. Fix those areas and we GUARANTEE you’ll improve your conversion rate on mobile devices.

As a successful WooCommerce store owner, you don’t need us to tell you:

  1. Your conversion rate on mobile isn’t as good as it is on desktop.
  2. But at least 50% of your traffic is coming from mobile.
  3. And that percentage of mobile traffic is tracking upwards — in the US, the average e-commerce website already gets 61% of its traffic from mobile devices. Some of our WooCommerce clients are pushing a hot 80% in mobile traffic.

So you know for sure that e-commerce sites are leaving big money on the table when they’re not 100% optimised for conversions on mobile devices.

Isn’t it enough to be mobile responsive?

Being mobile responsive isn’t the same as being optimised for conversions on mobile devices. A mobile responsive website is barely scraping above the minimum standard customers expect from e-commerce stores today.

By doing the minimum, mobile responsive e-commerce stores avoid the worst penalties — like savagely low Google rankings in mobile search.

What stores that are only mobile responsive don’t get is the potentially massive conversion rate uplift that their mobile-optimised competitors enjoy.

Other people are training your mobile customers to expect more

There’s a simple reason why mobile optimised sites command conversion rates far exceeding those of sites that are merely mobile responsive…

Customers on their mobiles don’t reward what is no more than a compressed and compromised version of the desktop experience.

Customers using their mobiles have been trained by the likes of Amazon to expect the mobile-first thinking that Amazon and others have been pioneering for at least a decade.

67.9% revenue increase in the first month after mobile UX improvements

Truckers Toy Store is just one illustration of the magnitude of the revenue jump e-commerce stores can unlock by optimising their mobile UX.

A huge 72% of Truckers Toy Store’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Even with this river of mobile traffic, the store had not invested in mobile optimization. Its mobile e-commerce UX was bad.

That terrible UX meant thousands of qualified shoppers a month simply clicked away. They didn’t buy anything because they wouldn’t tolerate the poor experience.

A mobile UX audit by our design and development teams uncovered a list of priority issues with the website.

There was nothing subjective about this list — every flaw we discovered was backed by data showing the potential of a fix to optimise conversions.

After the audit, we rethought and redesigned the mobile site, concentrating on the priority areas discovered in the audit.

As you’d expect from a site with 72% mobile traffic, the improvements uncorked a flood of sales from customers who would previously have clicked away from an empty shopping cart.

Truckers Toy Store’s mobile conversion rate skyrocketed by 22.3% in the first 30 days of going live with the new site.

That translated to a 54% increase in transactions on the site.

Ultimately, Truckers Toy Store boosted its revenue by 67.9% in just the first month.

Plus, the store is now perfectly positioned to capitalise on the inevitable growth in the percentage of mobile traffic to the store. In short, their mobile-optimised site is an appreciating asset.

And it all started with a detailed audit of their mobile UX uncovering dozens of ways to unlock previously lost sales — lost sales from traffic their marketing was already bringing in.

Improvements across site navigation, categories, product display, cart, and checkout compound to give you a big lift in conversion.

Mobile UX audit

Blaze Online’s mobile UX audits like the one we undertook for Truckers Toy Store aren’t some automated scan of a website. They don’t churn out a template populated with some bullet-point conclusions.

Nor are they subjective. They’re not based on one web developer or one web designer’s personal preferences or their “sense” of the market.

Mobile UX audits like the one that led to an explosion in Truckers Toy Store’s revenue cover:

  • The design and usability of your mobile experience
  • Reviewing the
    • Homepage
    • Site search
    • Navigation
    • Product categorisation
    • Product lists
    • Filtering
    • Product listings
    • Shopping cart design
    • Checkout experience and flow

We assess your online store against more than 200 factors that are proven to have a high impact on mobile conversion rates.

Our process is painstaking and done by hand.

Blaze Online’s mobile UX audits like the one we undertook for Truckers Toy Store aren’t some automated scan of a website. They don’t churn out a template populated with some Your audit will be:

  • Based on the world-beating data from the Baymard Institute’s 37,000 hours of large-scale e-commerce UX research.
  • At least 50 hours of page-by-page analysis by developers and designers pouring over your site.
  • Delivered in multiple reports documenting your site’s performance against more than 200 factors that are proven to have a high impact on mobile conversion rates.

Most importantly, we’ll put in your hands a comprehensive report packed to the margins with our recommendations for the 20-40 priority areas where you could take action right now.

Improvements in these areas are guaranteed to shift the needle on your conversion rate with almost immediate effect.

After building mobile e-commerce websites for thousands of customers, we have NEVER performed a mobile UX audit that did not improve the conversion rate when the recommendations were implemented.

If you optimise your mobile UX experience according to our recommendations, you WILL improve your conversion rate and increase the revenue you’re getting from the traffic you already have.

Is a mobile UX audit for you?

With mobile traffic already locked at a minimum of 50% and growing, every site needs to be more than just responsive… Every site must be optimised for mobile.

If you’re considering a redesign, an audit of your existing mobile UX will test and verify your assumptions and give you inspiration.

A mobile UX audit will also save you the expense and wasted investment that comes from redesigning and rebuilding in the dark.

We also recommend a mobile UX audit for benchmarking performance. How do you stack up against the competition and how should you be drawing your roadmap for future store development?

Recommendations for the 20-40 priority areas where you could take action right now.

Our mobile UX audit results are GUARANTEED

Our mobile UX audits follow world’s best practice. Our recommendations will improve your conversion rate if you act on them.

We can give you a guarantee of improvement with total confidence because every audit we have ever done has improved the client’s conversion rate.

That’s why we’re prepared to back our claim that you will see improvements. You’ll see improvements within 90 days of implementing the changes we recommend or we’ll refund your investment in the audit.

(Sure, some conditions apply. Basically, you need to be generating enough traffic and revenue from your old site for us to have a meaningful point of comparison with the revised site. For ballpark purposes, that means your WooCommerce story is probably already doing at least $15,000 a month in revenue.)

What might a mobile UX audit be worth to you?

If you’re earning at least $15,000/month from your WooCommerce store, you’d need only a 0.66% increase in your conversion rate to cover the investment in of audit in just the first three months.

If you’re earning more than $15,000/month, you can imagine how fast and easy it will be for you to get a massive return on your investment in a mobile UX audit.

There’s no debating that the rewards can be sky high for e-commerce stores as soon as you’ve identified the barriers to mobile conversions.

Your Investment

Our mobile UX audits are $2,990+GST which covers everything listed above, including the 50 hours of analysis by designers and developers and the 40-pages of recommendations that will dramatically improve your mobile conversion rate.

This is information that could transform your business as fast as an audit transformed Truckers Toy Store.

“Blaze Online have been integral to Pioneer taking its online presence to a new level, and we look forward to involving them in our online strategy meetings and integrating them further into our business.“

Michael Broadhurst, Pioneer Australia

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