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If you're like most online stores, you're always looking for ways to improve your page speed. A fast website is essential for a good user experience, and it can also help with your search engine ranking.

Headless commerce is the future of eCommerce, and we can help you get there.

We love WooCommerce – Our clients love WooCommerce. It’s an extremely powerful, flexible, feature-rich, open-source ecommerce platform with and passionate community behind it. We support clients generating tens of thousands of dollars to others doing multi-million dollar sales per month.
Despite that love, there are some shortcomings and performance ceilings with WordPress and WooCommerce – it’s a ‘monolithic architecture’. Every dynamic website consists of two main parts, a frontend – what your customers see, and often referred to as the ‘head’ – and a backend. WordPress is monolithic because it serves as a “single solution” front and back end for a site. The solution is to ‘decouple’ or make the frontend separate from the backend, hence the term ‘headless’.
If you’re after a great explanation for what headless WordPress is, along with the pros and cons, take a look at The Business Case for Headless WordPress.
Headless Woocommerce

Taking WooCommerce Headless

If you’re like any of our clients, you’ve invested heavily in your WooCommerce online store. You’re constantly improving the UX, automating more and more of the business through integration with other business apps, or developing better process within WooCommerce.
But you’re not getting the page speed, organic search rankings and industry-leading conversion rates your business needs to go to the next level. Moving to a new platform can be a very expensive solution, fraught with danger and compromise. After investing all that time and money you may improve some things, but give up the flexibility and ease-of-use of Woo.
Headless WordPress WooCommerce is the low-risk, high-payoff solution – you keep your existing WooCommerce site, but we give it a new front end that delivers a long list of benefits without the pain of re-platforming. Some of those benefits include:

Page Speed with Headless WooCommerce

How does a 900% improvement in page speed sound? Instant page loads! That’s what RUDIS experienced when they took their WooCommerce store headless. Because the front end is no longer intertwined with the backend, it can render at a fraction of the time a typical WordPress WooCommerce page will, and that makes for an amazing, competition-smoking, User Experience. Read all about it the 900% increase in page speed taking RUDIS WooCommerce Headless.

Conversion Rate with WordPress Headless WooCommerce

Tekla experienced a 70% increase in conversion rate by taking their WooCommerce store headless. Imagine what an increase like that could do for your online store. You’d get a much bigger ROI from your marketing efforts when every visitor to your site was twice or three times as likely to convert into a customer. Read the case study about how Tekla saw a 70% Increase in Conversion Rate with Headless Commerce.

Improved SEO rankings WooCommerce Headless Ecommerce

It’s no secret that online stores with faster pagespeed get better organic search rankings. The massive improvements in page speed that come with taking Woo headless can also boost your organic search rankings.
In addition to the above benefits, there is a long list of additional benefits from addopting a composable WooCommerce Headless CMS approach:
  • Greater scalability – easy handle traffic spikes with zero impact on page load performance
  • Increased flexibility – add new options, features and integrations to the frontend without impacting the backend
  • Continuous Improvement – rapidly and frequently make updates to the UX in a fraction of the time it would usually take with a WordPress theme.
  • Security – separating the frontend also makes the site more secure and less susceptible to hacking.

Headless WooCommerce with React

How do we take WooCommerce headless quickly, safely and cost-effectively? We leverage the React JavaScript library. React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. It is maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers and companies.
We combined React with a handful of plugins and tools developed specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure a seamless user experience for visitors to your online store.

Get Started with Headless WooCommerce

If you’re interested in taking your WooCommerce store headless, contact us today. We can help you overcome these challenges and improve your online business. Headless commerce is the future of eCommerce, and we can help you get there. Contact us to learn more.

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