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The aim of the Blaze Online School Web Design Solution is to design amazing, cutting edge websites customised to meet the individual requirements of each school and Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

wellington college school web designWith technologies moving so quickly, a school website is, in many cases, the first place where parents will look to find a school for their child. Likewise, communication with parents and students is often through websites, not to mention the school’s business partners.  In many cases parents will access the site when on the move using their mobile phones and tablets,  but most of the current school websites are so old that they just don’t do the job.

School web design should be visually appealing, fast-loading and easy to navigate – providing an efficient communication tool for the school. School website should be the tool for teachers, administration staff, students and parents that is the first place to look for any events and any information happening within the school on a daily basis.

Audiences of an Education, School and RTO website

Audiences of an Education, School or ROT website can be broken into the following groups:

1. Parents of current students

Parents of current students are often frequent visitors to the site, and are generally looking for contact information for staff and faculty, dates/events of upcoming and current events, recent news, forms, and school policies, as well as other information, such as curriculum details.

2. Current studentsla trobe university web design

Current students of the school or ROT are often search for contact information for staff and faculty, dates/events of current and upcoming events, recent news, forms, and school policies, as well as other information, such as curriculum details for current and future subject choices.

3. Parents of prospective students

Parents of prospective students usual engage with the site when considering enrolling their child or children at the school or RTO, and are looking for information around programs & curriculum, enrolment information, international programs and the like.

4. Prospective students

Prospective students visit the site when considering enrolling at the school or RTO, and are looking for information around programs & curriculum, sports and arts programs, enrolment information, facilities as well recent news and events that might be of interest to them.

5. Staff

Current staff are generally in search of forms and recent school/RTO news when visiting the site.

6. The community

Although the community doesn’t generally have a specific interest in the school, they still constitute a significant volume of traffic to an RTO or school, and are usually in search of recent news, general information about the school/RTO, contact information, as well as information about facilities for use/hire.

7. Alumni (former students)drupal australian prime ministers website

Former students will return to the site from time-to-time to keep abreast of recent news as well as staff and faculty contact information.

8. External students

In some cases schools and RTOs will have ‘external students’ – students registered at another school or RTO that complete one or more subjects at their campus. These students will visit the site in search of forms, Daily alerts, news, events, a general map of school, and staff and faculty contact information.

9. Other

Other visits to the site are those that do not fit into the above categories, but have come to the site for one reason or another.

With these broad audience types, a school or RTO site will contain significant and ever-growing amounts of information, and it’s of great importance that a site be well laid out and easy for visitors to quickly get to the information that’s relevant to their visit with minimal ‘clicks’; and area in which Blaze Online has extensive experience and the reason an increasing number of schools and RTOs are turning to use to redevelop their online presence.


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Reasons other institutions and businesses choose FastDesign School Web Design Solutions?

  • Increase enrolments by better web presence, easy access to relevant information, and best-practice web designregistered trade organisation website design
  • Update and display current information immediately, not tomorrow or next week
  • Have complete control over your site 24/7 by using a Content Management System (CMS) trusted by schools, universities, governments and over one million organisations world-wide
  • Cut the cost of employing a technician to maintain your site, as we use a CMS which allows teachers or admin staff to add, change, upload content
  • Using  newsletter feature – saving money and the environment by saving paper and going electronic
  • Making your new site mobile friendly – more and more parents use smart phones so better way to keep in touch with parents real-time
  • Support for multi-lingual sites
  • Benefit from a solution that will grow and evolve with your current and future needs
  • An amazing custom-designed site that is simple, clean, and easy to use for all audiences
  • Proven track record of designing hundreds of sites across all industries and education
  • Custom school web designs and budgets to suit individual school needs
  • One stop shop for anything to do with websites from logo to hosting
  • Unlimited number of pages, unlimited editing
  • Easy access to online training video tutorials for training current and future school staff
  • Be up-and-running in 2-3 months ( in many cases much less than this)

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