Looking for someone with both Drupal expertise and experience with Responsive Web Design. Look no further.

The Internet isn’t just on your computer screen anymore. It’s also on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and who knows what else in the next few years. So when you visit a modern webpage, its design should take our multiplatform world into account, and morph to ideally match the size and shape of the screen you’re viewing it on. This is called “responsive design,” and it’s becoming more and more common.

With this option, Blaze Online will design and build your site from the ground up to take into account a variety of viewing platforms to ensure quality user experience regardless of the how the site is being viewed.

drupal responsive web design

The following are few excellent examples of sites developed with responsive design. When viewing them, change the width of your browser window to see how the page adapts to the way the site is being viewed.

Examples of our work include:

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