drupal commerce specialistsLooking for an organisation that has built hundreds of online stores with Drupal and Drupal Commerce?

Blaze Online have worked on many Drupal Commerce e-commerce projects from corporate online stores for the likes of Pioneer, to start up businesses with a handful of items. We have vast experience in handling all areas of a Drupal Commerce build, from product management, warehouse integration, multi-currency to customised reporting and server solutions.

Drupal Commerce sites can be very template driven and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate one site from another. We have gained a reputation for developing new and exciting ways to shop with our Drupal Web Design expertise, plus the added benefit of being powered by a Drupal CMS to allow superb SEO opportunities.

If you want a site that is slick, professional and imaginative, a site that stands out from the competition, Blaze Online are the people for you.

About Drupal Commerce

drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce framework built from the ground up on Drupal 7. It empowers you to build any type of eCommerce website, making as few hard-coded assumptions as possible about your business needs.

Core Features

  • Create product types with custom attributes
  • Dynamic product displays
  • Order management, line item
  • Payment method API, allowing many different payment gateways
  • Tax calculation / VAT support
  • Discount pricing rules
  • Deep integration with systems like D7’s Fields, Views, Rules and Entity API.
  • Additional functionality is provided through contributed modules, such as Shipping, Stock, Coupons, File downloads, PayPal, and many more…

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