WordPress WooCommerce and Vend Point of Sale Integration for Simple Subscription Products

WooCommerce & Vend Point of Sale Integration for Simple Subscription Products

By Campbell Angus

We understand how important it is for businesses to create and sell new products. Because of this, we have expanded our support to different product types for our linksync WooCommerce and Vend Point of Sale integration.

Over the past year, linksync has supported syncing for simple and variable products. However, we have been receiving requests for support for subscription products as well.

Finally, with this new development, you can now integrate simple subscription products from your WooCommerce online store to your Vend Point of Sale system.

Why are Some Online Businesses Creating Subscription-Based Products?

Subscription products are a fast-growing trend among online businesses. According to the article from Forbes, subscription websites have grown over 800% in the past three years. Many online businesses have taken on the subscription model offering deliveries – from cosmetics, pet products, coffee, and much more.

Customers like the convenience it provides because products are sent to them periodically, without their having to go to the computer and order the same product over and over again.

As for the businesses, who do not want recurring sales?

Subscriptions create a regular revenue stream. Store owners will know how many subscriptions they have running at any given time, how many subscribers belong to each tier, and when the next billing cycle will occur. And because of this, they can make smarter decisions on how much they are going to spend on promotions and marketing, what items they will purchase from their suppliers, and what technologies they are going to invest in.

Even if a store continues to offer individual items for sale, as usual, introducing just one or two subscription-based products can have a big impact on the amount of revenue that you are able to forecast each month or year.

What You Need to Create and Integrate Simple Subscription Products

To create subscription products in WooCommerce, you need to have the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension installed on your WooCommerce site. This extension will help you to create and manage products with recurring payments—payments that will give you residual revenue that you can track and count on. If you would like to know more about this extension, you can find the overview of WooCommerce Subscriptions extension here.

For integration, you need to have the latest version of the linksync Vend plugin for your data to sync in the WooCommerce and Vend Point of Sale system. You can check out the details and features of this WooCommerce plugin here.

These two plugins need to be activated before you can start creating and integrating simple subscription products in WooCommerce and Vend Point of Sale.

You also need to check the configuration in your linksync Vend plugin. Your product syncing type should be either (1) two-way syncing or (2) WooCommerce to Vend syncing, so that the product that you have created in WooCommerce will be synced to Vend. If you choose to have Vend-to-WooCommerce sync, your simple subscription products created in WooCommerce will not be synced to Vend.

Once you have everything ready, you can start creating new simple subscription products in your WooCommerce admin site.

How to Create a Simple Subscription Product

This video will show you how to create a simple subscription in WooCommerce. And then, sync the product to your Vend Point of Sale (POS) system.

To create a simple subscription product:

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products > Add Product.
  2. Select Simple Subscription as the product type.
  3. Configure the terms for the subscription, including price, billing interval, billing period, length, sign-up fee, and trial period (length, sign-up fee, and trial period are all optional).
  4. Add the product details you require.
  5. Reload your WooCommerce admin page.
  6. To check if your simple subscription products are syncing, go to WooCommerce > Products. The check mark under the ‘In Vend’ column will indicate if the product is synced to Vend. If you click the check mark, it will open a new window. You will then be redirected to the product edit page in Vend.

Important note: The latest version of linksync does not support variable subscription products yet. It is still in our pipeline. We’ll keep you posted on any development.

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