linksync for Vend and WooCommerce Integration is Now Faster

By Campbell Angus

Good news! We’re making our linksync for Vend and WooCommerce integration even faster than ever before.

We have come up with a solution to instantly sync products and orders in Vend and WooCommerce. However, due to different factors such as the number of products synced, server status, internet connection quality, etc, sometimes you can experience slow sync time.

This is because in the previous version, whenever you have any updates or changes into your Vend POS or WooCommerce, the whole data, including those that are not updated, are being fetched and affected every time there’s a resync.

Our development team has come up with a solution to add Ajax into our configuration settings, product syncing settings and order syncing settings to enable only the updated data to be resynced.

Whenever you have changes in your Vend and WooCommerce, it will only update the Last Synced Date. This date refers to when incoming changes were processed. The changes are always being sent to linksync just after they are made.

For example, if you have a total of 100 products and you have updated the price of your 10 products. Only the 10 products will be resynced. The remaining 90 products will not be included in the resyncing process.

With this new improvement, the amount of data that is being processed gets lighter, thus making the performance load time to be much quicker than the previous versions.

How can you know that syncing is occurring?

After you have made some edits in your products or orders in WooCommerce, all you need to do is reload the products page in Vend. You’ll see the changes you make in both moments later.

The same goes when you are syncing from Vend to WooCommerce. You just need to reload the WooCommerce products page to see the changes. You don’t need to retype or enter the same data again.

How do you know what products or orders are syncing?

In your linksync plugin, you’ll find ‘Connected Products’ and ‘Connected Orders’ in the menu. In there you’ll see the list of products and orders that are being synced. You also have an easy access to your Vend and WooCommerce account. So, whenever you have to make any updates or changes in your products and orders, you can just click on the edit links, and it will automatically direct you to your Vend POS or WooCommerce product edit page.

This upgrade is being made available when you update your plugin to version 2.5.3 and above. You can download our latest version of linksync for Vend and WooCommerce in our release notes here.

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