linksync for Magento and QuickBooks Online Integration now available!

By Campbell Angus

We are so excited to announce the release of linksync for Magento and QuickBooks Online integration.

We have spent months building this integration to help online businesses, by automating one of the most tedious and boring tasks, which is making sure that your products, inventory and sales transactions are accurate and in sync in both your online store and accounting system.

Having been in the business for 7 years building online stores for clients, we have seen how our clients have struggled with transferring data from one platform to another. We believe that by integrating two applications or platforms together, we can help eliminate repetitive tasks that take the most time in any business.

Over the years, we have come up with the following integrations for syncing apps:

Our latest addition, linksync for Magento and QuickBooks Online is a solution that can instantly sync products, inventory, and orders from your Magento online store to your QuickBooks accounting system.

Yes, you heard it right! It can instantly sync! Once you add a new product, create configurable products, or make changes to an existing product in your online store, you’ll see the change in the QuickBooks moments later. You can also make changes in QuickBooks and have them sync to Magento.

If you also have sales orders created in Magento, linksync will automatically be updated in your accounting system without the need to retype it from one system to another.

The product and order syncing capabilities are very flexible and can be tailored to your business needs. It also comes with flexible tax mapping options which work for QuickBooks Online users in the US, Canada, Australia, India, and the UK.

And the best part is linksync is made to set and forget; meaning, once you have installed and configured the integration, it just works quietly in the background to keep your data synced.

So, if you are one of those people who finds it challenging to update products, inventory, and sales transactions on Magento and QuickBooks Online, then, linksync is the solution for you.  Here’s a quick overview on linksync for Magento and Quickbooks Online.

Try our solution for free and be the first to use our linksync for Magento and QuickBooks Online integration.

For any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact us at We’re always here to listen and help!

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