linksync Instant Sync for Magento & Vend now available

By Campbell Angus

Today we’re making the linksync Magento & Vend 2.0 public beta available. Last year we released our first version of linksync for Magento & Vend, and based on the great suggestions and feedback from our customers, we completely re-wrote the solution to offer more options and features.

New features include:

  • Instant sync – no more scheduled syncs – changes are instant between your Vend and Magento stores
  • Two-way syncing – make changes in either your Magento or Vend store and have them synced, or use one-way syncing if that’s your preference
  • Variants – full support for automated syncing of products with variants
  • Sync images – if you have images in your Vend store you can now sync them to Magento
  • Sync by tag – if you only want some products synced to your Magento store
  • and many more new features and improvements…

Find out more at linksync Magento & Vend 2.0.

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