Avoiding mistakes when undertaking new web site design

By Campbell Angus

Most entrepreneurs seek an effective web design that goes beyond aesthetic visual perspective and works as an effective marketing tool in the virtual world. There are various aspects of a web design that contribute to the success of the website design. However, there are a few common mistakes that most make while having their website created.

While designing a website, it is important to keep it simple and organised. This concept should be applied while selecting the fonts for the web content. It is essential to cater to human visitors while creating the website. The fonts must be simple, uniform and easy to understand. Therefore, one must avoid using fancy, flashing and small fonts on the website. Visitors get easily bored of long paragraphs which may look like a written essay. Therefore, the content must be essentially broken down into bit sized pieces in order to grasp the attention of the reader. The content can be effectively broken down into bullets or numbered lists.

The first few seconds that a visitor spends on the website are very crucial in retaining the potential customer. Therefore, the web design should be able to communicate to the visitor what the website is about. In other words, a first glance at the web design should give a clear understanding of the website. A image banner is very effective in conveying the message to the user and very important in enhancing the traffic inflow on the website. The website design can have a standout banner design as a part of its layout has it has immense potentiality to grasp the users attention and the interactivity is also very useful in the e-commerce website design.

It is advisable to avoid lengthy introductions which are time consuming. Visitors have a very little attention span, and therefore it is best to get to the point, and let the visitor easily navigate to the product they are looking for. The few steps between landing on the site and what they are looking for, is the best option here.

A good web design is simple, organized and straightforward. Therefore, too many banners, badges, association labels may confuse the visitor. So, one must try to stay focused on the objective of the website and make a clear communication with the visitor. The web design must require very little scrolling. The entire page must be available on loading and must not require any vertical or horizontal scrolling. Therefore, there are many factors that contribute to the success of a web design. The above list of guidelines aid in creating a website for a company and can go a long way in avoiding pitfalls and making its online presence a success. Some of the best web designing solutions are available here at Blaze Online. We also offer redesigning of websites and cater to a wide variety of clientele on the internet.

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